Portable Yoga Mat - Adventure Beast

Portable Yoga Mat

Adventure Beast

Durable and thick, our mat? provides a stable, non-slip surface for your yoga practice. A great yoga mat will take your practice to the next level. Perfect for home or yoga class. This mat ensures the safety and comfort you need to enhance proper alignment and maintain poses. Ideal for everyone, from beginners to experienced yoga enthusiast.
Do not hesitate any more, start right now lose your weight, gain strength and tone up, to perfect your upper body!

1. Light weight and durable
2. Non-Slip Surface and excellent toughness with high tensile strength
3. Double-sided foam material, dustproof design, environmental protection and anti-bacterial, anti-static
4. Very soft so that can reduce the pain of the body in contact with the ground
5. Waterproof and dustproof, clean up conveniently

● Color: Blue
● Material: EVA
● Size: 72*24* 1/4"
● Thickness: 6mm

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