LED Lantern - Mini Flashlight - Hand Crank Rechargable - Adventure Beast

LED Lantern - Mini Flashlight - Hand Crank Rechargable

Adventure Beast

Easy to Carry
Lightweight and foldable design makes it very easy to carry. You can travel with it. Expand it, it's a lantern; fold it, it's a flashlight!

No Worries on Power
You don't need to worry about battery power! This lantern can be charged via USB and hand crank. Never be out of power!

2 Brightness Levels
The USB flashlight as well as lantern has 2 brightness levels(High and Low), which is controlled by power button. And high mode is bright enough for reading and searching, the low mode is great to be a night lamp in your tent.

Indoor and Outdoor
This USB lantern is perfect for indoor, outdoor and emergency use. It loves camping and hiking, just put it in your backpack, it won't need much room. It's prepared anytime you need it!

Key Features
Size: 84*50mm
Weight: 168g
Battery: 300mAh 3.7V
High: 125LM (40min); Low: 30LM (4 hour)
Can be charged via Hand cranking or via DC to USB cable.
Hand crank the lantern for 1 min will light the lantern up for 4 min on High mode or 11min on Low mode.
Charged by power bank or 5V DC charger via DC to USB cable.
Connect with your phone via the USB cable, keeping hand cranking to charge your cellphone for emergency. It's not for regular cellphone charging, just for emergency.

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