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Military Compass

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The lensatic compass--also called a military compass--is a precision instrument that when used with a topographical map can guide the adventurous off marked trails into wilderness areas with confidence. The lensatic compass is used to set course bearings, orient yourself to a map and follow a course over land. Carrying and being able to navigate with a map and lensatic compass is a good idea, even when you are traveling with a GPS unit. Electronics do fail, so being able to get to your destination safely with a map and compass is an invaluable skill.

1) Rugged metal case
2) Adjustable luminous marching line
3) Thumb hold and magnifying viewer
4) Sighting hairline
5) Ideal for locating positions on a map or in the field
6) Floating luminous dial
7) Excellent for hiking, camping and outdoor activities.
8) Folding size: 75x57x30mm
9) Liquid filled for fast reading ability

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