There’s no denying that waterfalls are absolutely exquisite. They’re gorgeous, refreshing to look at, and a wonderful display of Mother Nature. Waterfalls can be found all over North America, but why waste your time on a sub-par waterfall? Get ready to see the countdown of the top 6 waterfalls in the US.

6. Webster's Falls


This magnificent waterfall is located in Ontario. It's stunning blue water and charming surrondings make it different from the other waterfalls on our list. You'll think you step right into the pages of a storybook.

5. Upper Whitewater Falls in North Carolina


These falls are located on “Whitewater Road” off of U.S. East 64, and you definitely shouldn’t miss out on them, because they happen to be the highest falls in Eastern America. It’ll run you $2 to see these falls, but make sure to stay on the path. The land around the falls is so dangerous that rangers discourage any off the beaten path amusement. There are several different viewing areas of the waterfall from different heights.

4. The Havasu Falls can be found in the Grand Canyon


Havasu Falls can be found in The Grand Canyon National Park, and it is apart of the Havasupai Indian Reservation. This waterfall is the most visited of the falls in the park, understandably so! It looks like something out of a movie, with the red cliffs and blue water.

3. Multnomah Falls is located in Oregon


Located in Oregon, along the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This beautiful waterfall is unique for having two major steps, which splits the falls into the upper falls and lower falls. It is known as the second tallest year-round waterfall, but that’s still being debating by experts. You can follow a foot trail that will take you to the Benson Footbridge, which is 45-feet long that allow visitors to go 105-feet above the lower step.

2. The Lower Yellowstone Falls


These falls just so happen to be almost twice as high as Niagara Falls (308 feet), but these falls lack in the width. The Yellowstone Falls inYellowstone National Park is only 70-feet wide, compared to the half-mile that is Niagara. These falls were created from 590,000 year old lava.


Niagara Falls is still one of the most impressive waterfalls to date. From its size, the amount of visitors that see it every year, and the use of its power – Niagara is one of the most amazing waterfalls. The Horseshoe Falls has a drop of about 173 feet, and the larger Horseshoe Falls drop about 2,600-feet. Check out boat rides, or view from the various viewing points to enjoy this enormous waterfall.

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